The Lords Prayer …teach us to pray ….

Rough draft … a paraphrase of the Lords prayer….to perhaps follow Gods pattern closer and look deeper on some quiet moment when life may seem slowly moving forward . Though repetitious prayer is frowned upon by God …Most Christians discount , ignore , overlook Gods blueprint for prayer ! {Our Father !}……Who are we asking , beloved relative or distant acquaintance ….He is the Creator of all things ! {….Who art in heaven !} What kind of kingdom does He fully rule , is it not spiritual first ? {Hallowed be thy name !} We are asking the Eternal Holy One {…Thy Kingdom come ! } Our request advances that eternal kingdom ? {Thy will be done !} Our Omniscient eternal God is not bound by time or resources …his will is paramount . {On earth as it is in heaven ! }Do the angels disobey or hesitate or refuse to act out of different fears or selfishness as I __________ _________surely have done ?{ Give us this day our daily bread !} I have asked for even a bread factory so to speak …however the righteous are to live daily by faith { …..Forgive us our trespasses !} We have each trespassed {….as we forgive others who trespass against us ..}..All have come short , we are ready as God is to restore all relationships !{ Deliver us from evil }……We are attacked by spiritual darkness around us , However we forget we are children of the Father of light who has commanded us to overcome all dark things with love .{ And lead us not into temptation ! }May our sustenance and faith be in manna and blessings from God even as he fed others in the wilderness. {For Thine is the Kingdom and Honor and Glory forever ! }….No flesh shall glory of himself in Gods presence ….But we glory in being children of the King …respected by our siblings in Christ …..fed by springs of living water….or even by ravens….We are his …He will supply if we ask in faith believing we shall receive !!!! God bless you and yours {Amen }

The errant bad apple in a bushel of 200,000 + .

My new cover photo and the blog name I created a couple years ago speaks very simply and directly to spiritual issues . Two times a deacon is about biblical values I embrace and unbiblical values I reject . I embrace giving to the poor and needy …reject selfishness. I embrace forgiveness and reject vindictiveness . I embrace honest intellectual discourse and reject lying . I embrace the biblical ways of reconciliation and reject all others circumventing it . I reject the advancement of government forced socialism from pulpit or pew and embrace freedom to give and love as directed by Gods Spirit . I stand with God and his Holy Word against heresy and heretics . I abhor slander and false apologies and those who parse their words , gaslight others and reject reality .  I sought  those who valued our precious faith (the biblical)  and practiced the same and found them ….you should too !

Eternity has started for the believer

Eternal life promised to those who repented and God saved and who now believe… is not a prize to only be gained in the future . That life has begun ! We should fear who or fear what ? You and I will live forever  ! The Creator , He who Sustains the universe has yet to subdue all things under his power . He will in his own time change the corruptible to incorruptible as prophesied  . But make no mistake, He is in control , has revealed an overview of his plans ! Heaven is being prepared by Christ for the redeemed and yet to be redeemed from all races and from all ages . As surely as the heavens  were created   ….your eternal life has already begun . Do not look horizontally for salvation , the earth will suffer judgement . Flee from trusting your own works , or church  membership , or rites  or extra- biblical  traditions or writings of men and their   bondage . Remember your Creator ….you looked  upward to the cross  for redemption , look upward for the resurrection , and  upward for Christs return . Remember , God planned your parts while you were in the womb . He sought you rising early in the morning ,watched over you late at night to redeem your soul ! Worship in the true church , its book is the holy bible .. its founder is Jesus …its tenants are love and its commandments ….to love . Each redeemed soul can love others because they accepted Christs redemption from sin and its ultimate punishment , they are each now ” new creations in Christ “. For you and I and millions more , though the fulfillment of many things including taking in heavens glory is yet future . For the redeemed, eternity and eternal life has already begun !

Green eggs

I do not like green eggs and ham … or socialism Sam I am . I do not like abuse of powers of those who build themselves ivory towers ( Lerner ) ( Progressives ) . Or those who sell their senate votes (Ben Nelson etc. ) and check by polls to see what floats . Who lie about four heroes deaths (Hillary) and blindly push us deep in debts ( Reed ) (Senate Democrats ) . Who know not Constitution from Declaration , nor read the bills forced on this nation ( Pelosi etc. ) . Who destroy coal and full time job , call patriots names then hires those who rob ( Obama ) . Who take your freedoms to run your life, divide the nation black from white (C.N.N . ) (MSNBC. ) I do not like class warfare games …. I do not like green eggs and ham . I like my freedom …… American I am .

Slander, hatred, gossip, envy, smoke…. in poem form

Love ….. May its mists cool fiery gossip coals , flames of envy and of hate …….and its rains wash all smouldering lies away and speed them to their fate . When its downpours start no raging fires of slander can remain …..Nor once secret flames of anger like those that undid Cain. Smoke follows firestarters , thats why their eyes swell up with tears , Not enough to douse the matches they have hid so many years . But pray a deluge from the Master to all athirst for life and love , And pray it soaks all who play with fire ………with waves of overflowing …..Love

What is love..? Two boys welcoming new neighbors moving in… winter time.

A few years back we moved to a new neighborhood and our first night we stayed there it snowed deeply …

When we woke up we saw by the boot  sizes two young someones had tromped in the snow between the curb and our picture window in large letters W…E…L…C…O…M…E… !  It was facing us,  so it took extra time to stomp upside down to themselves …so we would read it from our window.

It was an unexpected greeting and after the hard work of moving it brought smiles as it was  a timely simple gesture  of unexpected love.

This is love , doing what your heart says when it costs little or much to show and not just say to  others , even those you may  not know at all that someone cares  about them .

This is how God loves …If you do not love even simply like these young boys then maybe you do not know love or God , despite your words or standards , position or education.

If you are a child of God you will love.  think of the actions of Jesus and ask yourself if your actions reflect his love to the broken, the stranger, the lost, or yes even  your next door  neighbor .

Love to all ,and prayers for my neighbors and yours …old and new …. Sincerely,  Kevin R. Peterson


Take heed that you do not your righteousness before men , to be seen of them.

Tithe quietly , give without fanfare  …the Father in heaven shall reward you

Pray secretly….receive those blessings prayed for openly

Love and salute your enemies …it is nothing extraordinary to love your friends

Forgive trespasses against yourself …as God has forgiven you of all trespasses

God will judge all things in  the fulness of his  time , some here on earth and some at the judgement .

Religious lies men tell themselves and others .They include : clean yourself up ,do good deeds ,you can buy Gods favor.

lie #1 ….Church membership impresses God …gives you a ticket to heaven .

lie #2 ….Embracing a set of doctrines  and adhering to them will make you acceptable to God.

lie #3 ..It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe

lie #4 …All religions worship God, all will be accepted who are sincere and faithful

lie #5 ….God accepts all good people , nice people , honest people , into heaven

lie #6 …..Doing good deeds , giving money , volunteering , helping others will buy Gods favor

lie #6 …God will weigh all  our good works against the bad things to decide our fate

lie #7 ….Believe that God exists and Jesus is his Son and you will get eternal life.

lie #8…The rituals of a church ,baptism by a  pastor or priest or confirmation can wash away sin

Lie #9 …Faith is simply hoping , wishing and  positive thinking .

Lie #10….Man seeks God

Lie#11….There are many ways to God

The Devil and his fallen angels (demons) and many ungodly men from all ages believe (know ) that God exists and believe  unwaveringly that Jesus is the Messiah  ,Redeemer ,Savior . Knowledge does not save . These 11 lies   I mentioned have spawned with demonic intent myriads of false religions. They often embrace ungodly deviations in sacrifices, elevation of membership , additional deities , blasphemy , unscriptural baptisms, elevation of good deeds ,unnatural  priesthoods , pagan special “holy” days , unbiblical   “sacred” writings that contradict the bible  , secret hidden wisdom , worshiping of angels  ,veneration of false  prophets  . Many millions of people blindly follow what seems good outwardly or even seems to have come from God , but are wickedness ,deceit and lies . Hundreds of others ” ways ” mix truth with error and the embrace of angel or man delivered doctrines of demons spoken against in the bible.

God says of Jesus …  ” This is my beloved Son hear ye him ”

Hear God about salvation and …..his church ….God says …”He that hath the Son hath life” . After that  you can give, do good , volunteer , love , join a church  of like minded believers for Gods honor and glory ….by his power , given by his indwelling Spirit.

How do you know  the Son of God ….when he seeks you turn not away from him but turn from your transgressions  … Pray simply and earnestly that He will forgive your sins , transform and cleanse you .   Belief is knowing without seeing ..seeing with your heart but believing completely though understanding only partially at first .Those who had little faith pray this prayer ….Lord increase my faith .

The bible tells of substitution in sacrifice for sin with  God covering the sin of Adam and Eve and Adam then instructing  Cain and Able . Cain brought his own religion , In rebellion he offered another ” way ” vegetables (  works of his own hands ) , which God rejected .Then Cain unforgiven , in jealousy  killed his ( forgiven ) made righteous brother . Able brought the right  substitution by faith  , an unblemished sacrifice with its life blood .the old testament sacrifices (substitutions) offered by faith , covered the sins until Jesus who cleansed them forever for all who by faith received his vicarious sacrifice and unmerited forgiveness then as now   .God sent Jesus who took on the sins of the world of all that would repent …be clean , justified and live eternally . But men today offer their works …their ways…their doctrines…their temples.. their vegetables , their works and commit the greatest sin …they reject God the Father , his ways , his words , his Son , his freely offered mercy and forgiveness .

Let it not be so with you ….May the peace of God which passeth all understanding  reside in your heart today , may his Spirit indwell you and comfort you with knowledge of his forgiveness and love . God is love …His burden is light and that of sin and uncertainty heavy to carry . Be renewed ..Be born again ..Come to life …Receive Jesus , Receive Eternal life

” He that hath the Son hath life …. ”

God bless you and yours ……Kevin R. Peterson


Tale of two brothers Peter and Christopher Hitchens

These two, part Jewish Hitchens brothers , embraced in their own way early in life  godless concepts and philosophies .  Peter , who burned his bible at age 15  , became   a self described Trotskyist activist and socialist loving liberal , however he parted ways theologically and politically with his sibling beginning when he hit  thirty . As a journalist Peter found in traveling and witnessing the world that his early interpretations were severely flawed  .He says he was  spiritually transformed  . He wrote many books from a very different political and moral perspective than his brother who remained  an avowed atheist and prolific author   .

Christopher increased his admiration for  Lennon , Trotsky , Che and was a self proclaimed socialist to the end.  He as far as is understood was not relieved of  his spiritual blindness

I have utmost Respect for Peter , not styling himself a  theologian , more perhaps a geopolitical God conscience  historian . I applaud  his courage and send prayers for his continued spiritual  fortitude and journey .

I am  thankful  I  was not subjected to and blinded by the wickedness of godlessness , communism and liberalism and pray for all who were temporarily or permanently. We each have our  journey  and our own  spiritual battles to engage .They are best fought without  embracing destructive and deceptive concepts  internal or external.

I recommend rather than one of Christophers many books , reading a perspective  both through and beyond atheism . ” The Rage against God “  subtitled ” How Atheism led me to Faith  ” by Peter Hitchens. It is a good start .

A very biblical sermon – That preacher sure is long winded , I don’t think that guy even knows what he is talking about .

Some time back I was working with two young men in their 20′s . I was listening to a local Christian radio station most of the week , but not this particular  day . I was instead intently listening  to a long , very biblical sermon of sorts. It overflowed  with  scripture .The words continued  smoothly and were spoken in a deep voice .The subject matter involved law versus Mercy ,the church and eternity  .

After listening a long while , one of the two  young men boldly quipped   “that preacher sure is long winded’. “I don’t think that guy knows what he is talking about ” were his next words .  When Jesse loudly proclaimed his sentiments  I  suppressed an expanding smile , but was curious  about his reasoning . I did hold  back something only  I knew  that day and he as yet did not imagine . I let him elaborate . I tossed him  a few pointed questions  and allowed  him to broaden and entrench his assessment if he wished  . I countered that  it was a famous preacher and he should  recognize  him . His opinion remained and he said he knew and read  the bible .  He became  less confident as he continued .  Then said  …..   Okay who is it then ?

I asked  him if he knew of  the apostle Paul . He laughed and said of course but that couldn’t be him , ” didn’t he die  hundreds of years ago ” ?.  I told him the very words were absolutely inspired by God and  written by Paul  . Jesse was listening to and  critiquing  …  ( The Bible on  cassette ).

The narration was  monotone I conceded . However I admonished him not be so hasty in regard  to content  .This preacher in this sermon certainly did know  what he was talking about .

So pastors or teachers if you are reading straight  from the word , remember you may even then be questioned   . Some will not recognize even direct  passages from  the Holy  bible . Perhaps including those  the Holy Spirit directed  preacher   – apostle – martyr Paul   shared with us that day .     God bless you and yours……. ” Thy word have I hid in my heart ………………………………………..that I might not sin against God “